A Berlin-based group fighting against torture and politically motivated prosecutions of persons who support Basque independence.

We are working for a just and peaceful solution to the Basque conflict.

Who are we?

We are a group of young people who live in Berlin and in different ways have connections to the Basque Country. We want to raise consciousness regarding the repression left activists are suffering in the Basque Country and to fight for social justice and freedom.

What do we do?

We share information about ongoing political trials and the extreme living conditions activists face in Spanish and French prisons and we publicize the policies of torture and solitary confinement that are being carried out by the authorities in Spain and France.

By making more people aware of the situation in the Basque Country, we aim to increase political pressure on the Spanish and French governments together and in solidarity with individuals and other political and cultural organizations in Berlin.

We think this is one way to begin to change the repressive governmental actions taken against prisoners and activists in the Basque Country

….and why?

Despite the end of Franco’s dictatorship 40 years ago, there are currently more than 450 Basque political prisoners. Politically motivated trials against left-oriented cultural, social and political groups which are anti-capitalistically campaigning for the right of self-determination of the Basque Country are used repeatedly to try to shut down legitimate political expression.

In addition to illegalizing newspapers, left political parties and social organizations, activists are subject to governmental persecution and condemnation on a daily basis. Even though the Basque leftist movement – with the support of a vast majority of the Basque society – actively promotes a peaceful solution to the conflict, the Spanish and French government still answer with violence and repression.

What are our goals?

– An end to politically motivated trials against Basque activists

– An end to solitary confinement and systematic physical and psychological torture of prisoners

– An end to extreme living conditions for political prisoners

– A peaceful and just solution to the Basque conflict

– Greater public attention in Berlin for the political situation in the Basque Country

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